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Our ethos and values

DSLV provides a unique opportunity to develop a continuous relationship with one academy across all of the stages in a child’s learning and development – in a place where they can feel safe, happy and valued. DSLV is a school that plays a fundamental role in the heart of its immediate community.

From their existing range of experiences and skills we will, in partnership with you, build upon and develop these further, to ensure their success and progress throughout their educational journey and beyond.

We have a culture of pride, where we believe high expectations and core values, such as respect and kindness, are the foundations that shape our behaviours and ultimately drive our performance in all areas. Ensuring that pupils have a clear understanding of the difference between right and wrong, have a tolerance of others and the confidence to embrace life’s challenges is at the heart of all we do. From these foundations, the school is calm, safe and purposeful, with staff that believe in every pupil and a community that challenges every pupil to aspire for academic excellence.


Be proud; Be confident; Be successful

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