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Careers programme

Aims and Learning objectives of CEIAG at DSLV

The Careers Department at DSLV aims to support all students to make informed career choices by providing impartial Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) for all students from our Primary Sector through to Year 13.  DSLV students have access to the full range of education and training options available.  

The Careers Team encourages students to go Above and Beyond  by giving them the opportunities and resourceto identify their own personal skills, qualitiesraise their aspirations and go onto fulfil their potential. 

CEIAG Staff at DSLV 

Beverley Maughan (Deputy Head and NCOP Co-ordinator) 

Jon Evans (Careers Lead)

Natalie Hartwell (Head of Life and Society)

Jenna Waugh  (Head of 6th form) 

Joanne Cadd (Head of Primary) 

All DSLV teaching staff are involved in preparing students for personal and working life.  All form tutors are involved with the delivery of the DSLV CEIAG policy.  Yr8/9 tutors supporting students with their GCSE choices, Yr10 tutors supporting their students to find a suitable work experience placement, Yr11 tutors with Post 16 options and Yr13 tutors supporting students with their UCAS personal statements and post 18 options 

Equality and Diversity

DSLV Careers Department supports the schools Equality and Diversity Policy and implements it in the following ways: 

  • Careful selection of career resources including posters and display materials 
  • Actively encouraging students to support themselves financially 
  • Encouraging all students to consider all education and training options available to them 
  • Avoid using stereotypical gender examples within the workplace 
  • Offering self placement of work experience placements 
  • Equal access to all the information for all students of all abilities 

DSLV recognise that courses, apprenticeships and employment opportunities are available for all of our students of varying skills, abilities and personal qualities.  DSLV encourages all students to consider all of their options in order to make an informed decision about a future career.  If a student has an unrealistic career aspiration, we will ensure that they have a backup plan which does match their skills abilities and personal qualities. 

Careers Update December 2021

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Careers Programme

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