At DSLV we aim to provide all pupils with equal opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of music, to foster and stimulate enjoyment, appreciation of music and to develop self-esteem through musical achievement. Through creativity and imagination, pupils are provided with a wide variety of musical experiences, to foster an appreciation and understanding of music from different times and cultures.

We aim to develop personal, social and learning skills, which transfer across the curriculum through participation in a wide variety of musical activities and performances.

As pupils progress, they will be encouraged to think critically and develop a more rigorous understanding of music. Pupils are given opportunities to explore musical ideas and meanings through listening to music by a wide variety of composers. We encourage pupils to take an active and creative part in all aspects of music (composing, performing, listening and appraising).


Extra- Curricular Opportunities

We have regular visiting performers and artists into school, ranging from professional musicians to secondary students performing to the primary children. The children are given opportunities to perform at, performances and concerts during the year.


Music Tuition

There are a variety of tutors available to pupils who wish to learn a musical instrument (currently cello, violin, and woodwind). Our Year 4 pupils receive instrumental tuition as a whole class lesson as part of the first access scheme, through NMPAT, this is currently ukulele.
A choirmaster comes in to the school every week to teach choir techniques to our choir.
Key Stage 2 have opportunities to visit the senior school as part of our transition links, for the feeder school primary music liaison day. Key Stage 1 and 2 have also developed links to perform together in a variety of musical opportunities.

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