Our curriculum

Primary Curriculum Overview

Year 1

In Year 1, our pupils develop Reading, Writing, Grammar, Speaking and Listening skills along with developing their Maths skills looking at things like telling the time and using money. Outside of these subjects, our pupils will also study significant historical events, computers, geography fieldwork, animals, materials, self-portraits and a range of different religions. Our pupils will also start studying foreign languages, music and physical education.

Year 2

In Year 2, our pupils will extend their Reading, Writing and Grammar skills and extend their Maths skills using measurements, shapes and fractions. In science our pupils will study plants, animals and different habitats. Our pupils will also look at coding on computers, visit Holdenby House in history, look at weather, build collages, and focus on food and nutrition. Once again they will get a broad spread of subjects in Year 2 by learning about food in foreign languages, as well music and PE.

Year 3

In Year 3, our pupils will further develop their Reading, Writing and Grammar skills as well as developing their Maths skills through measurement and statistics. In science, our pupils will study forces and magnets, rocks and light and shadows. They will also learn about computer games, Ancient Greece, holiday destinations and volcanoes. Our pupils will extend their musical skills by playing instruments and broaden their foreign language vocabulary.

Year 4

In Year 4, our pupils will read a wide range of fiction, poetry, plays and non-fiction as well as improving their hand writing and writing for a purpose. In Maths they will learn about different multiples and Roman numerals as well as solving mathematical problems. In science, our pupils will study electricity and sound, along with designing, writing and debugging programs on computers. They will study Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in history and their local area in geography, as well as understanding electrical products and drawing, painting and sculpting with a range of materials.

Year 5

In Year 5, our pupils will develop their knowledge of complex words, compose their own written work and expand their use of punctuation. They will also multiply with more complex numbers, fractions and percentages in Maths. In science, they will look at Earth and Space as well as different materials’ properties. Our pupils will learn about Ancient Egyptians and the USA as well as studying computers, designing, foreign languages, music and PE.

Year 6

In Year 6, our pupils will continue to read a wide range of texts to develop positive attitudes to reading, as well as looking at homophones and passive verbs to challenge their writing and grammar skills. Our pupils will also look at 2D and 3D shapes and solving complex problems in Maths. In science, our pupils will look at evolution and light, as well as looking at coding languages in computing. They will look at Victorian history and map skills in geography as well as designing and making a range of products in Design & Technology.

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