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Primary – Meet our Headteacher

Welcome to the start of a unique opportunity to develop a continuous relationship with one academy across all of the stages in your child’s learning and development – in a place where they can feel safe, happy and valued.

When your child arrives at our school we know that they bring with them a range of experiences and skills which, in partnership with you, we will build upon and develop further. At DSLV we offer a calm and caring environment which will stimulate and support your child in their personal learning journey.

We are building a culture of pride, where we believe high expectations and core values, such as respect and kindness, are the foundations that shape our behaviours and ultimately drive our performance in all areas. Ensuring that pupils have a clear understanding of the difference between right and wrong, have a tolerance of others and a willingness to embrace life’s challenges is at the heart of all we do.

As a school we are open and approachable and always strive to do our best, every day, to ensure that all pupils have the confidence to achieve their full potential. We are committed to delivering a broad, knowledge-based curriculum enriched with exciting opportunities which provides a primary school experience they will remember and treasure for the rest of their lives. For example: all children learn to play a musical instrument; work alongside specialist providers for PE (such as our Yoga instructor); take part in at least two visits each academic year, including an additional residential experience in Year 5; and have access to our varied after school programme. It is important to us that pupils recognise their many personal talents and interests alongside the more traditional core subjects.

We believe that success is as individual as each child and that all children can succeed regardless of their starting points. Learning is a lifelong journey and we celebrate every success with the children, from the accomplishment of writing their own name or counting to ten in their early years to achieving the national standards in the end of Key Stage tests.

Keeping our children safe is at the heart of everything we do and we take all aspects of safeguarding extremely seriously. Our experienced safeguarding team are well positioned to navigate any concerns professionally and compassionately. If you have any safeguarding concerns about any aspect of our school, then please get in touch.

The best way to get a real feel for our school is to come and visit – I would be delighted to show you around DSLV Primary and I look forward to meeting you soon


Joanne Cadd


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