Music can be separated into three different disciplines – Performing Music, Composing Music, Listening & Appraising Music. The three branches of Music are taught and developed together with the aim to build personal skills that students can draw upon to succeed, not only in music lessons but also beyond school life and in future employment. The life skills that are developed, and are at times explicitly taught, are an integral part of the development of the subject specific skills as well as creating well-rounded individuals. The core principles that are developed would include: Problem solving, perseverance, diligence, teamwork, time management, organisation, responsibility, cultural history, listening skills, confidence, social skills, discipline, self-evaluation, interpersonal skills, sense of achievement. Opportunities are embedded for students to be able to hone and develop the practical aspects of performance and composition, but equally important is the ability to understand how the development of life skills, such as confidence, self-awareness, perseverance and discipline give them a holistic experience that they can take beyond their musical studies.

Extra Curricular 

The extra-curricular music programme enables and supports musicianship in students of varying abilities, giving opportunities for students to experience a wide variety of genres and musical ensembles. As well as all-inclusive ensembles for mixed ability students who want the enjoyment of performing with others and developing their musical skills, such as Keyboard Club, Guitar Group and String group.  These ensembles are able to challenge the students and prepare them for further studies in the field.

The annual School Production is another opportunity to stretch and challenge the students; either by performing in the Production Band or by auditioning to be a member of the cast, where the expectation is that all cast members and musicians develop performance talent and professionalism.

These clubs/events are not only to encourage enjoyment in the arts but also for students to learn about professional expectations and performance discipline. Students are also able to apply to become a Music Ambassador, taking on a leadership role within the department and developing their own musical skills as well as supporting younger students with their music making.

Instrumental Lessons

NMPAT (Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust) supply instrumental lessons to students who come into school giving opportunities for children to learn and develop their skills from an experienced specialist teacher. Instrumental Lessons available; guitar, piano, drums, Strings, Woodwind and singing.

If you would like further information about instrumental lessons available please see Mrs S Terry (Head of Music and Drama)

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