Soul Band

Soul band is made up of students through years 7 to 13 playing a variety of popular and soul based music. Students are invited to participate in the group and are expected to be at a minimum of a grade 5 standard. A range of different musical instruments are involved including saxophones, guitars, vocals and percussion. Students perform at a variety of different occasions including public concerts, school ceremonies and competitions including the national festival (Music for Youth 2016). Students are currently also preparing for the final of the E.Act Spotlight competition at Birmingham Town Hall.

String Group

The String group rehearses every Tuesday and is led by a NMPAT peripatetic music teacher. It consists of students from both the primary and secondary schools and is inclusive of all abilities. Students perform a range of popular pieces of music, recent pieces include Pachelbel’s Canon and Mad World by Gary Jules. Students perform at different events throughout the year including school concerts, lunchtime recitals and competitions. The string group is involved in local community and school events such as Summer Fetes and Christmas Fayres.

School Choir

The school choir rehearses once a week and is led by Music Teacher Mrs Hopkins. The choir consists of staff and students and performs music from a range of styles. The choir also performs at school concerts and will also be performing as part of our Christmas production of “The School of Rock”. The school also hosts a community choir which rehearses once a week at the school on a Thursday evening. This is made up of students, staff, parents and members of the local community. They have performed at local events such as the start of the Women’s Bike Tour, turning on the towns Christmas lights and local music festivals.

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