PE and sport premium

Funding for Primary School Physical Education and Sport

The government provides extra annual funding to improve the Physical Education (PE) and Sports programmes offered by primary schools. This is being provided jointly by various government departments including Education, Health and Culture and Media and Sport. The funding is allocated directly to schools but is ‘ring fenced’- this means it can only be spent specifically on PE and sport in schools.

We believe in a holistic approach to the development of sport and physical activity for all, encouraging collaboration and partnership working to make the best use of resources and enhance PE and sport provision in order to raise participation and achievement for all pupils.

At DSLV we are focused on ensuring that Sports Premium funding is used effectively, so that all children benefit regardless of sporting ability. That children are given the opportunity to compete in tournaments, both internal and external, including competitions within the Primary phase and also against other schools.

It is important that all children of all abilities have access to competition and that children are given the chance to participate against others of a similar ability and potential.

External coaches include: Basketball coaching from ‘Hotshots’ and Gymnastics training from ‘Wade gymnastics’. DSLV is looking to build up working relationships with more organisations during the next year in order to offer as much variety and experiences to our children, making links to other community sports providers and encouraging pupils to join out of school sports clubs.

At DSLV we understand the importance in focusing upon the new curriculum for PE. The ‘real PE’ programme provides fun and simple to follow Schemes of Work and support for Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


Impact of Sports Premium funding will be measured through self-evaluation and provision mapping arrangements, looking at how good Sport Premium funding has improved the quality and breadth of PE and sporting provision, including increasing participation in PE and sport, so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of.

Measuring the impact of the activities provided with sports premium funding can be achieved in different ways, including: looking at progress in PE as well as other areas of development such as self-esteem, confidence and the numbers of pupils involved in sporting activities in school. Assessments are made both formally and informally as well as feedback from staff and visitors to the school. Impact of professional development opportunities in improving teaching and learning in PE will also be measured, with data showing the impact of this Sports Premium funding on pupil progress and involvement in sport.

Find out how we used the sports funding is below to improve Physical Education, Competitive Sports and Healthy Lifestyle

Sports Premium Action Plan Primary 2020-2021

Sports Premium Action Plan Primary 2019-2020

Sports Premium Action Plan Primary 2018-2019

Sports Premium Action Plan Primary 2017-2018

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