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Supporting our SEND students

We are committed to providing access to learning opportunities for all learners and interventions are to be expected where underachievement is identified. This does not mean that all vulnerable learners have SEN. Only those with a learning difficulty that requires special educational provision will be identified as having SEN.

Assessing SEN at the DSLV

Difficulties with learning will be noticed by the pupils themselves, their parents or carers, class teachers and our LSAs. We want to create a culture of transparency that empowers students and adults to discuss issues and strategies in order to support them. We can then ensure that the assessment of educational needs, directly involves the learner, their parents/carers and of course their Teachers.

We monitor progress of all pupils rigorously to ensure learning is taking place. We respond swiftly to underachievement and use standardised assessments along with the expertise of the Local Authority and outside agencies to support our pupils


High quality teaching that is differentiated and personalised will meet the individual needs of the majority of children and young people.

Code of Practice (2014) 1.24.

Every Teacher is required to adapt the curriculum to ensure access to learning for all children in their class. All the teachers will use various strategies to adapt access to the curriculum. Each learner identified as having SEN, is entitled to support that is ‘additional to or different from’ a normal differentiated curriculum. The type of support is dependent on the individual learning needs, and is intended to enable access to learning and overcome the barrier to learning identified.

Accessibility Plan

SEN and Learning Policy

SEN Information Report

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