Google Classroom For DSLV Primary

DSLV Primary Pupil Guide to using Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a streamlined and easily accessible platform that enables staff to set work and provide feedback within a private learning community. Everything is in one place and is easy to manage. Children can communicate with staff and with each other within their classroom. This means that not only can we provide feedback easily, we can also promote student engagement, independence and the acquisition of vital communication skills of great value in the modern world. Whilst our primary focus is on creating excellent opportunities for learning, we will also be able to model appropriate online behaviour, which can play a role in equipping children to participate positively in the social media platforms beyond school that are prevalent in their lives.

Importantly too, staff can keep track of the activities children undertake and the quality of the work submitted and this will enable us to build on prior learning more effectively to develop challenging opportunities for the children.

Google Classroom is a very easy and safe way for us to work. Everything is in one place and is easy to manage. You will be able to see your work more easily and click directly onto activities. It should be much easier to see what your tasks are each day and get feedback from your teachers.  Also included are some extra activities to help you manage while you are away from school such as mindfulness activities, which we think you will enjoy and find helpful. Every week, there will be a celebration assembly to share good work and have a chance to see what people have been up to.

Google classroom also lets us follow what you are doing so we will know what you have tried to do and we will be able to help you more easily if you get stuck.

Teachers will be looking at your work and giving you feedback on it. Sometimes this will be through instant comments but sometimes it may take longer for them to reply. You will know from your folder what work has been completed and what still needs to be done. Messaging your teacher for help (see email addresses below) will be a good way to let them know if you are having any difficulties and need some help. They will do their best to reply as quickly as they can in school time.

Click on the Primary Pupil Guide button at the top of this page for full information on using Google Classroom.

Mrs Cadd
Mrs Taylor – BaSE
Mrs Lake – Nursery
Mrs Haynes – Reception
Mr Cook – Year 1
Miss Collier – Year 2
Mrs Smith – Year 2
Mrs Austin – Year 3
Mrs Stowe – Year 3
Miss Brain – Year 4
Mrs Greenwood – Year 4
Mr. Newton – Year 5
Mrs Watson – Year 6
Mrs Watts – Year 6,.uk

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