Working with Employers

DSLV’s main priority is to develop sustainable business links with employers, so we can work together to support and raise the aspirations of our students.  DSLV would like the students to be further aware of the labour market and career opportunities available.  Currently there is a mismatch between careers young people want to pursue and the opportunities available.  We believe at DSLV that the choices made at school should be based on a clear view of the current labour market and how the job market may change in the future. 

Business Mentoring at DSLV 

The aims of the Business Mentoring Scheme at DSLV is to create rewarding partnerships, which involve the provision of time and expertise from the mentors to make our students feel valued, listened to and supported in making the most of their undoubted potential.  

Benefits to the Students  

The Business Mentoring Scheme will support students in:  

  • Maximising their academic achievement  
  • Raising students’ aspirations for future education and employment   
  • Developing/refining an aspirational career plan  
  • Gaining a more in depth understanding of career opportunities  
  • Developing their employability skills  
  • Gaining self-confidence and motivation to fulfil their dreams  

Benefits to Mentors  

  • Volunteering to act as a Business Mentor provides the opportunity:  
  • To do something different that has a positive impact on the development of young people.  
  • To gain a sense of achievement  
  • To give something back to the community  
  • To discover more about the education system  
  • To develop communication skills and an understanding of the role of a mentor  

Benefits to Companies  

  • Makes a valuable contribution to the local community   
  • Develops positive links with DSLV  
  • Develops employees mentoring and interpersonal skills  
  • Benefits the firms public relations and raises the profile of the company 

Local Employer Visits

DSLV supports students who are interested in finding local apprenticeships and job opportunities.  The career adviser has taken students to a number of local employers to gain a taste of the working environment. 

DSLV Business Breakfast

DSLV hold a Business Breakfast every half term to build the network of business contacts and coordinate our careers action plan. 

Daventry Business Network

DSLV attend this monthly meeting to further develop our network of contacts. 

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